Does experience matter?

Rhetorical question, of course, because in most professions, Yes! Experience Matters!

Buying & selling real estate is, for most of us, the biggest financial transaction(s) we will ever be a part of. It is “the” decision that will enable us to grow our wealth, “the” decision that will allow us to maintain our everyday life, and hopefully “the” decision that will allow us to retire in comfort. A place to call home is a privilege, but also a necessity. To own our own home is The American Dream.

Whether you’re a first time local buyer, a buyer coming in from outside the area, or the move-up or down-size multi-times buyer, help from an experienced, local professional is crucial. In today’s world of technology, it’s easy to do some research, figure out a home’s value, check out the area schools – but is that the “real” picture? Is that everything you need to know? A real estate professional who lives here and knows the area, who carries the experience of over 1500 transactions spanning 35 years, may be able to give you insights and information beyond the internet spin. Having a real person open the door to your biggest financial investment and hold your hand throughout the transaction is not only comforting, but priceless.

And if you’re selling your home, choosing a local professional with 35 years of experience, gives you access to an agent who understands transactional nuances. This is an agent who knows how markets shift, who knows pricing strategies and who has expertise in contract and contingency negotiation. An agent who knows both the buyer’s side and the seller’s side brings more experience to the table than an agent who specializes in either buyers or sellers. Staying local gives you proximity and access to your agent, their broker, and a brick & mortar building.

Bottom line: choosing an experienced, local agent will be the best decision you ever make when it comes to making sure the purchase or sale of your biggest asset is handled as such. This is our privilege – we love helping you!