If you are moving to Mount Airy, whether you’re new to Maryland, new to Mount Airy or just moving up the street, your best resource is a “local” REALTOR® –  an agent who lives here and works here. Although REALTORS® and Consumers have an extreme amount of information at their fingertips, learning first hand, face to face knowledge is priceless. This is knowledge you need when you’re making one of the biggest financial and personal investments of your life. This is knowledge you need when you’re buying real estate in a zip code comprised of FOUR counties with in-town and outside of town areas! “Having the knowledge of a local real estate agent is imperative and very beneficial,” says Mount Airy resident and REALTOR® Kasey Wootten of Real Estate Teams: “A Buyer wants and needs an Agent who knows the current market, community and has established connections. Purchasing a home can be overwhelming. No one knows the local area and market like a local REALTOR®.”

Selling property here? Your incredible property values are a result of the local economy. All of us who live here and all those who work here contribute to our local economy. Hiring a local REALTOR® keeps the money here along with a host of other benefits: It creates more jobs, invests in entrepreneurship and nurtures a sense of community. Although most anyone can determine the value of a property with a little bit of internet research, there are other reasons it is just as important to choose a local REALTOR® to assist you.

By Shopping Local You Are:

  • Creating Jobs
  • Keeping Money in the Local Economy
  • Investing in Entrepreneurship
  • Nurturing a Sense of Community
  • Supporting the Environment by Reducing Waste and Conserving Energy

Every town, including Mount Airy, encourages residents to “Shop AND Buy Local.” This is crucial for small businesses to survive. REALTORS®  ARE small businesses! Small Business includes our retail shops, our restaurants and all the wonderful professionals who live here and work here, ready to help you handle your important everyday needs.