For over thirty years, I have worked side by side with Bonnie Winkler – a Born & Raised Mount Airian! She has been a sister, a mother, my friend, my mentor and my business partner, my teammate. Bonnie is the wisest and most gracious person I’ve ever known and in her role as REALTOR® she is, quite simply, the best of the best. To say I have learned “much” about life and real estate from Bonnie over the past 30 years would be an understatement – she has been a phenomenal teacher, and I have been an excellent student: Oh! The lessons I’ve learned!

The most important lesson I learned, early on: Bonnie is always right!! She has declared the team more than ready, completely able and absolutely willing to carry on the tradition of taking care of All Your Real Estate Needs in the 4 County Mount Airy Area! So, short of stirring up a Witches Spell, there was no convincing Bonnie to renew her license. She just smiles and says “You and the team can take it from here.” So yes, it is with tears and gratitude that I must announce Bonnie Winkler is officially retiring in October. BUT – she still wants you all to call her! Her number is not changing (can I sneak it in here? 301-639-3939) and she still loves to talk about everything to everyone who shares her passion for Mount Airy!

Team Bonnie & Maureen will continue to work like magic – Go On and Give us a Howl!