It is Winter in Mount Airy!

The beautiful fall colors have given way to colder days and the sound of geese headed south! The pumpkins are picked, the harvest is in and holiday shops are in full swing! Real Estate, however, naturally starts to slow down a bit while school is in session, when sports are in full swing and the holiday season has arrived. This year, interest rates have inched higher, housing prices are in the process of stabilizing and our past experience tells us, as hard as it might be for both buyers and sellers: This is a necessary and normal market adjustment period. But for 2023 – all will be well!

The question is: Is it really a good time to invest in real estate right now? My answer: YES! It is ALWAYS a good time to invest in real estate!! Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, a buyer moving up, relocating or down-sizing, a buyer looking for an investment property to rent or fix up and flip, the time to buy is NOW! With ample buyers in the marketplace in search of their first home, a move up home, a home to downsize to, a home to invest in, YES: Now is the right time to sell. The demand for Mount Airy housing remains strong!

This year we want to tell you again, Mount Airy, how much we appreciate your business and how much we look forward to serving your real estate needs in the years to come. We know we are blessed to live and work in such a desirable community. We are thankful for our wonderful clients, families and friends in the 4 County Mount Airy Area who come to us for all their real estate needs. We are always willing to help!

We wish all of you joy & happiness while you celebrate December and we wish you the same throughout the New Year. But most of all, we wish for peace.

Happy Thanksgiving Mount Airy

November in Mount Airy:

The beautiful fall colors are giving way to crisper days and the sound of geese headed south! The pumpkins are picked, the harvest is in! Real Estate naturally starts to slow down a bit as school is in session, sports are in full swing and the holiday season has arrived! This year, interest rates have inched higher, housing prices have stabilized and experience tells us: This is a necessary and normal market adjustment period.

The question is: Is it really a good time to invest in real estate right now? My answer: YES! It is ALWAYS a good time to invest in real estate!! Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, a buyer moving up, relocating or down-sizing, a buyer looking for an investment property to rent or fix up and flip, the time to buy is NOW! With ample buyers in the marketplace in search of their first home, a move up home, a home to downsize to, a home to invest in, YES: Now is the right time to sell. The demand for Mount Airy housing remains strong!

We give thanks to our clients, families and friends in the 4 County Mount Airy Area for all the real estate business you’ve given to Team Bonnie & Maureen! We look forward to sharing our abundance of experience with you whenever you have a real estate need! To get the nitty-gritty details about the current real estate market, Contact your LOCAL REALTORs®

Stirring Up a New Team Recipe!

For over thirty years, I have worked side by side with Bonnie Winkler – a Born & Raised Mount Airian! She has been a sister, a mother, my friend, my mentor and my business partner, my teammate. Bonnie is the wisest and most gracious person I’ve ever known and in her role as REALTOR® she is, quite simply, the best of the best. To say I have learned “much” about life and real estate from Bonnie over the past 30 years would be an understatement – she has been a phenomenal teacher, and I have been an excellent student: Oh! The lessons I’ve learned!

The most important lesson I learned, early on: Bonnie is always right!! She has declared the team more than ready, completely able and absolutely willing to carry on the tradition of taking care of All Your Real Estate Needs in the 4 County Mount Airy Area! So, short of stirring up a Witches Spell, there was no convincing Bonnie to renew her license. She just smiles and says “You and the team can take it from here.” So yes, it is with tears and gratitude that I must announce Bonnie Winkler is officially retiring in October. BUT – she still wants you all to call her! Her number is not changing (can I sneak it in here? 301-639-3939) and she still loves to talk about everything to everyone who shares her passion for Mount Airy!

Team Bonnie & Maureen will continue to work like magic – Go On and Give us a Howl!

What’s All The Quacking About?

If you’ve been following our articles in The Catch, our underlying message to everyone is to Shop Local, to use a Mount Airy REALTOR® when you’re ready to buy or sell a home in the area. Why? Because we know the area better, of course! But also because the majority of the income made by a local REALTOR® will stay right here in Mount Airy.

We believe this goes for charity, too. We all have our favorite causes near & dear and far & wide, but let’s try to make our Top Priority LOCAL! The Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company and the Rotary of Mount Airy have teamed up once again (year 3!) to hold the Mount Airy Duck Race to raise funds for MOUNT AIRY! It’s a fun fundraiser, and the funds raised serve the Mount Airy Community. If you need more information about the race to be held on September 18th, 2022, or the incredible history of the Fire Company, check out the MAVFC website

In the meantime, if the current Real Estate market is making you nervous and giving you a Quack Attack, Call Us! We will talk to you about what’s really happening with home values, interest rates and more. We are so fortunate to live in a community with solid footing when it comes to our real estate values and desirability. Even as it is stabilizing, our market continues to thrive!

As the market stabilizes, our Mount Airy residential inventory is still extremely low. The demand for Age-Restricted housing is at an All Time High. First Time Buyers are having a hard time finding an affordable place to start. BUT, Move-Up buyers – your time is NOW!

Whether you’re buying or selling in Mount Airy contact your LOCAL REALTOR®

It’s Time to Jump Right In!

Whether you’re ready to buy or sell real estate,

Now might be the perfect time to jump right in!

Yes, interest rates have risen a bit, but that has helped prices stabilize. Prices have not taken a nosedive, they are stabilizing. We are no longer experiencing multiple offers on every home we list and buyers have a bit more time to consider their purchase. Consider this a Win-Win market!

When we purchase a home, it is probably the biggest investment most of us will make in our lifetime. When we purchase it, we want to be sure it’s the right fit, in the right condition, a great location and valued at market. When we sell, we want a fair price and fair terms. This is the type of market where both buyers and sellers can get what they want.

Team Bonnie & Maureen have sold quite a few homes over the past five years to first time buyers who hoped they’d be in the position to move up after a few years of earning equity. They have definitely earned some equity!! But if they had to sell their home in order to purchase the
next, they could not compete against those who did not. Most did not even try – they decided to wait it out. We’re happy to report their wait is over – NOW is their time!!

Sellers, inventory is still low, demand is still solid – NOW is your time!! Take care of the prep work as every effort you make has immense value. If you’ve been delaying the sale of your home because the task seems overwhelming – call us in – REALTORS® are here to help and guide you every step of the way!

Whether you’re buying or selling in Mount Airy contact your LOCAL REALTOR®

Are We Racing Against Time?

We’ve all heard the news:

Interest Rates are on the Rise! Home Prices are Surging! Inflation is at the highest point since December of 1981! Rental rates are up 17% nationwide!

But the demand for housing ownership in 21771 and surrounding Maryland areas continues to outpace supply, at an alarming rate. Currently, we have 15 active listings in Mount Airy, all counties, all prices, all styles: Inventory, like Interest Rates, remain historically low. Prices are not sliding or stalling. But, we are experiencing key indicators which tell us the track might be a bit muddy.

“While the 21771 market is still flourishing, the rising interest rates will catch up to the buyers and price many out of the market. We are seeing this change already with less showings, higher days on market, and less offers on higher priced homes,” says Blake Haegele, Mount Airy Resident and REALTOR® with RE/MAX Realty Plus, “ It is only a matter of time before the effect continues into all markets.”

Sellers on the back stretch, hurriedly preparing their homes for sale, are worried they might not make the finish line before their asking price stalls, before the “Multiple Offers Over Asking” scenario comes to a halt. Sellers in the race now are enjoying stress-free sales, robust pricing, happy buyers. I feel sellers will continue to experience a strong market, even as the pace slows. As long as there is a demand, the real estate market will remain strong and steady.

But what about buyers? Is it time for them to make a bolder move or should they lay back and wait for the right opening? “Buyers purchasing in this market are paying large premiums and should base their urgency on the right home for their needs,” said Blake Haegele, “It is likely the largest purchase of one’s life and a refinance down the road may not be out of question! Stay vigilant and the right home will come along.”  For owner occupants, first time buyers and buyers who do not need to sell their current home as a condition of purchase, keep looking, keep making offers that make sense to you. But Move Up Buyers and Investors – I believe your time to take the lead will come later this year and in 2023.

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, you need an advocate. Your best advocate in the 21771 is a local REALTOR® who lives here and works here.

Get the Dirt on Real Estate

We have the answers!

Oh, it’s SPRING! Finally! All over Mt Airy the grass is getting green and lush, flowers are popping up everywhere, trees are budding and blooming and best of all, everyone seems happy and energetic! But where are all the houses to sell? Where is the land to buy?

Spring has traditionally been the best time to list your house. Sellers and Buyers with school age children time it: list/buy in spring, move in summer. The last couple years, there has been a hesitancy to list too soon for fear of selling too fast and not being quite ready to physically move. To allay some of the worries, REALTORS® have become expert negotiators of the Post Settlement Occupancy agreement and the Contingency: Finding A Home of Choice (a complete reverse of the norm: Buyers being contingent on their Home Sale.)

On the flip side, earlier this year when the weather warmed, we saw a stream of homes come on the market. “People get weary of being cooped up!” said fellow RE/MAX Realty Plus agent Mari Uzzo. “I’ve noticed perhaps due to COVID – that the Spring market starts earlier and earlier each year. As soon as we get a few nice days in February we begin to see an influx of homes on the market. Our market has been saturated with buyers but few homes. Once we get back to a more ‘normal’ and balanced market. I believe we will once again see Spring as the busiest season for sellers and buyers.” With inflation looming and interest rates rising – but still historically LOW! – we may see a normalization of the market this year. The question is: When? “This Spring I believe will be a great time for sellers,” says Blake Haegele, fellow agent at RE/MAX Realty Plus. “We will see a lot of record breaking sales prices due to buyer demand and historically low inventory. The buyers will face competition like never before and accepted offers will continue to be very strong. While the shift is upon us, I believe we will not see it until later on in 2022. Now is the time to sell!”

I could not have said it better: NOW is the time to sell!

Give us a Call to Get the Dirt on Real Estate! We Have over 30 Years of Hands-on Experience!

Shop Local for Your Real Estate Needs

If you are moving to Mount Airy, whether you’re new to Maryland, new to Mount Airy or just moving up the street, your best resource is a “local” REALTOR® –  an agent who lives here and works here. Although REALTORS® and Consumers have an extreme amount of information at their fingertips, learning first hand, face to face knowledge is priceless. This is knowledge you need when you’re making one of the biggest financial and personal investments of your life. This is knowledge you need when you’re buying real estate in a zip code comprised of FOUR counties with in-town and outside of town areas! “Having the knowledge of a local real estate agent is imperative and very beneficial,” says Mount Airy resident and REALTOR® Kasey Wootten of Real Estate Teams: “A Buyer wants and needs an Agent who knows the current market, community and has established connections. Purchasing a home can be overwhelming. No one knows the local area and market like a local REALTOR®.”

Selling property here? Your incredible property values are a result of the local economy. All of us who live here and all those who work here contribute to our local economy. Hiring a local REALTOR® keeps the money here along with a host of other benefits: It creates more jobs, invests in entrepreneurship and nurtures a sense of community. Although most anyone can determine the value of a property with a little bit of internet research, there are other reasons it is just as important to choose a local REALTOR® to assist you.

By Shopping Local You Are:

  • Creating Jobs
  • Keeping Money in the Local Economy
  • Investing in Entrepreneurship
  • Nurturing a Sense of Community
  • Supporting the Environment by Reducing Waste and Conserving Energy

Every town, including Mount Airy, encourages residents to “Shop AND Buy Local.” This is crucial for small businesses to survive. REALTORS®  ARE small businesses! Small Business includes our retail shops, our restaurants and all the wonderful professionals who live here and work here, ready to help you handle your important everyday needs.

Mt. Airy Real Estate is Still HOT!

Mount Airy REALTORS® are gearing up for another blockbuster year… with a keen eye on all the pesky economic indicators that can make it or break it. Generally, our national economists tell us the nation will steadily march forward, that inventory will continue to be a huge issue for home buyers, sellers will enjoy higher prices and fewer days on market, and those prices will continue to appreciate while interest rates will, for the most part, remain historically low.

Although the number of residential units sold (through the MLS) in the 4-County Mount Airy area decreased from 572 to 509, the median sales price increased from $440,000 in 2020 to a whopping $530,000 last year. This is well above the average sales price of Carroll and Frederick County combined – which was $400,000 last year. Days on market went from 22 in 2019 to 9 in 2020 to an unbelievable average time on market of SIX DAYS in 2021. Based on the sales of Team Bonnie & Maureen’s listings, that 6 day period could’ve been much less, but we felt it was in our sellers’ best interests to allow showings for at least 4 or 5 days. During COVID, most brokerages, like us, would not allow “overlapping” showings, so agents with their buyers would sometimes need to get in and out of a house in 15 to 30 minutes!

Location, Location, Location – the one thing I think we will all agree on: Mount Airy is an awesome town, an awesome area. From the point in the pond where all 4 counties meet, to the historic, quaint and renovated downtown area, to the ample shopping and easy access to commuter routes and cities of all sizes, to the wonderful schools, the library and the parks, the breweries, wineries and specialty farmers, to the incredible view of the mountains and the scenic vistas – Mount Airy Maryland is “THE” place to Call Home!

Mt. Airy Development Planning

What’s the Plan?

Mount Airy sure has seen some changes over the past 30 years, including phenomenal residential growth in The 21771. The demand has remained constant over the years and the shortage of available homes for sale in our current market makes it appear we have not kept up with the demand. As residents, we often look at the developers as the big bad wolves anxious to snatch up our farm fields to plant houses as far as the eye can see. But when the children we’ve raised here want to settle and raise their children here, when our parents want to downsize and stay near their friends and family in the area they grew up in, and there is no house for them to buy or lease, affordable or not, we look to the town, to the counties and to the developers to ask: What’s the plan?

Residential planning decisions and those who bring them to the table are necessary. Personally, as a REALTOR®  and resident, I haven’t agreed with all the planning decisions made over the years in Frederick and Carroll Counties or The Town of Mt Airy. But I do believe our elected officials have tried hard to explore and fight for the right balance of growth for us.

Taking into consideration an increasing and always shifting population and the impact of this on our environment is part of the planning process. I think I speak for everyone when I say it is our wish that we all work together to help our planners manage the growth, that instead of trying to stop the inevitable we help mold it to be the best it can be for all. While doing so, we will respect the needs and wants of our citizens and we will respect every landowner’s fundamental and legal rights – be they to develop or to preserve their land.

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